Privacy Statement

General Statement

Recharge Web Design works hard to ensure the privacy of its clients and web site visitors. We understand that individuals, businesses and organizations deserve their right to browse the Internet without fear of any hinderances. Therefore, we do not employ the use of spam software, intrusive adware or any other mechanisms that could damage your computer or invade your personal privacy. In addition, our company does not believe profiting through the use of personal information. Because of this, we do not sell, rent, lease, or trade personal information to other companies. Selling this information not only violates moral codes but ethical business practice as well.

Sharing of Information

During the course of a project, it may be necessary to share different aspects of a client's business with our business associates. By signing an agreement with Recharge Web Design, clients agree that their information may be shared with Recharge Web Design, its employees, sub-contractees and business partners. This will ensure that the client's site contains comprehensive information and an intuitive presentation to the audience.


We reserve the right to contact our clients as communication is needed. These communications could take part during a project, in an effort to provide better service. They could also occur after a project, when we feel certain aspects of a site or previously performed service needs attention. Basically, we will make every effort to contact clients when we feel it is appropriate. We do not believe in spam.

In Closing

In short, Recharge Web Design does not believe that YOU are for sale. We will treat your personal information and business mechanisms as we would have ours treated. We will safely guard private information and treat it with respect.

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