Terms of Service


Recharge Web Design provides Internet related services to individuals and small to medium-sized businesses. We make every attempt to serve all possible clients. In serving our clients, we require that each client adhere to the agreements created prior to work done, either verbal or written. We do this for your safety and ours.

Agreement Acceptance

Most often, we require some sort of written verification to begin work on any project. Typically this falls into the form of a signed agreement, outlining the parameters of a project. For smaller projects, an e-mail stating the nature of a client's need and the acknowledgement that Recharge Web Design has been asked to fulfill the need will suffice. In very rare cases, a simple verbal commitment, similar to those used by utility servicement, will suffice.

Domain Name Ownership

We do not believe in trying to steal someone's name. Nor do we believe in trying to "get even" for a client changing service providers by trying to charge them excessive amounts of money for a name they should already own. Therefore, whenever we set up a domain name on a client's behalf (ex: www.RechargeWebDesign.com), it belongs to the client - not to us.

Questionable Materials

We make every possible effort to serve clients who request our assistance in their Internet needs. Unfortunately, we do reserve the right to politely bow out of any requests that could contain questionable materials. We do this, not because we necessarily feel these materials are wrong but because the impact of these materials could affect our clients' reputations, as well as our own.

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