Recharge Web Design offers a new perspective to the art of Internet web-site design. Our company doesn't try to dazzle you with mysterious gimmicks or flood you with technical information. We make a conscious effort to enlighten our clients and establish a client-provider relationship that continues beyond a particular project.

Founded in 2003 and located in Altoona, PA, Recharge Web Design believes in a "home town" approach to assisting the community with its Internet needs. We are far from "Internet Mercenaries," who sit in a compound -- miles away from any sign of "normal life" – and don’t bother to understand the needs of those who operate within the community. Furthermore, we've found that a cultural barrier typically exists when larger companies attempt to work with smaller ones. They just don't operate in the same way.

About the Principal

The Chief Executive Officer of Recharge Web Design is Don "Dutch" Brennan. Dutch began programming during the rise of the personal computer around 1987. At age 13, he not only looked to his trusty Commodore 64 for entertainment but, realizing its full potential, made it useful in day-to-day life. Upon graduation from high school, Dutch enrolled at the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown. "They had the reputation of being the most ruthless computer college in the area. I wanted to learn, not ‘slide through the cracks’."

Prior to establishing Recharge Web Design, Dutch was Systems Analyst/Webmaster of the Westsylvania Heritage Corporation of Hollidaysburg, PA. His responsibilities stretched from office support to project management and maintenance of a large, corporate-sized web site. His passion, however, remained with the development of smaller web sites. When asked why this was so, he replied, "Smaller companies are the ones who need me the most. They need someone who is in it for the community not for the dollar."