Web Design

Web design is the first among the many services we offer at Recharge Web Design. Our years of experience enable us to design sites that are both aesthetically pleasing and user friendly, creating a happy medium, and therefore a more useful web site.

One of the most frequent complaints about web sites revolves around the merger of graphics and information. Many developers fill web sites with so many bells and whistles, such as Flash applications, that they forget basic navigation. As a result, many users get lost before they even really even scratch the surface of the site. On the other end of the spectrum, some web sites end up looking like Sunday's paper, nothing but bulky blocks of text thrown at the user all at once. Unfortunately, the result is usually confusion with this route as well.

Recharge Web Design will create a layout that merges a rich feel and functionality. This will allow customers to enjoy the web site they’re viewing, instead of simply “mining it” for information. We offer this “total web solution” to keep things clean and to allow more personal service in creating your site. Experiences like these not only create a better working environment but also create a better end-product!


Recharge Web Design is proud to offer our web site maintenance service. This maintenance can take many forms, ranging from making a few minor changes to an existing site, to doing periodic updates, to adding completely new sections to an already existing web site. The best thing about updating on the web is that it’s so easy! If you want to change a web page, there’s no need to make the change, print it out, and re-circulate it, as there would be with a brochure or an information packet. Just let us know what you want done and we will be more than happy to work with you.

Whether you need the font changed to Arial, a monthly update to the “news” section of your site or some new partners added to your side-bar, Recharge Web Design is here to help you!


Do you own a marketing business and want your clients to have the same quality feel in their web site that you provide to them in print? Are you a business consultant, looking for the right team members to make a project succeed? Do you have a technical business but lack the artistic skills and user-interface expertise to make the web sites you provide truly intuitive?

You've come to the right place!

Recharge Web Design not only offers an all-in-one web design service, but also offers subcontracting services to other businesses. We do this because we believe that all businesses should have a chance to succeed. Whether we help by creating a web site for your business or helping you better serve your clients by providing web development services, we are willing to help! Why worry about hiring an entire technical staff, just to offer a complete marketing service to your clients? Why not simply deal with a company that has the experience to identify technical issues, provide insight to how visitors navigate web sites and offer the caring customer service you deserve?

Subcontract Recharge Web Design to make your life and your clients' lives a lot easier!


Along with all of our other services, Recharge Web Design offers web hosting and domain name registration. That is to say, we are able to offer you a place where your web site can hang its hat, as well as reserving a completely unique domain name so that people around the world can access your site. Our company currently has an arrangement that allows us to offer reasonably priced hosting services to you at a fraction of what other venders offer. When you host your web site with us, you will also gain access to several online-accessible reports that you can view 24 hours a day. These reports will let you know how many viewers visit your web site and where those “hits” are coming from. The best part is, all this useful information is included with your low monthly hosting fee of $15!


All of our services begin with consultation. Recharge Web Design offers this service whether you need a site developed right now, or are simply in the planning stage. We can help you plan the construction of your web site by laying out different options. Whether you choose Recharge Web Design or another vendor to develop the site, we are always willing to help.

Then you consider using our services, the first step we offer is our "Empower Hour." In this free, one-hour consulting session, we will sit down with you to explain possible options, and answer any questions you might have about them. One of the most frequent complaints made by small companies who purchase web sites is that they do not completely understand what they have purchased. Since many businesses and individuals cannot afford to spend an extra several hundred dollars for orientation and training, they simply take the word of the developer that their site will function properly and best suits their needs. At Recharge Web Design, we give you this free consultation so we can ensure that you have a thorough understanding of the products and services we are offering.

In addition to project-oriented consultation, we also offer a variety of consulting services. Some of these services include presentations, marketing discussions, business planning and a variety of services relating to web development. Not every client requires these services, but we are more than willing to make them available, in order to help our clients be more knowledgeable.